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The warrior is a dangerous, mindless Shadow appearing in Risen 2 and briefly in Risen 3. They appear to be deceased natives that have been raised again, from the Shaganumbi, Maracai, or Kila tribes.


Risen 2 Edit

Warriors typically guard tombs and temples, denying access to sacred locations and especially to prevent theft of valuable treasures found within. Even if the Nameless Hero generally avoids temples and crypts, he will still encounter warriors at certain locations, such as on the way to the temple where Crow's men are or on the Isle of the Dead, where they are among the mindless undead attempting to deny access to the Underworld.

Risen 3 Edit

In general, most areas are overrun by Shadows under Nekroloth's influence. However, some Warriors still roam the temple ruins on the Crab Coast. These are encountered in the very first chapter of the game, and not thereafter. Some time later, Tao explains[1] that the Isle of the Dead has been effectively destroyed. It is possible that somehow the Warriors are at conflict with the Death Titan, necessitating their destruction.

Varieties Edit

There appears to be no difference between warriors. They look the same, they fight using the same tactics, and they drop the same items when killed.

Tactics Edit


Spear-wielding warriors deny passage without a fight.

As former hunters from the native tribes, warriors typically employ similar tactics as what they used in life. They wield spears which they will throw at a distance and use to stab in hand-to-hand. They will often quickly flip away or toward their enemies to switch between mêlée and ranged combat. They also typically are encountered in groups of at least two, where one might throw spears from several feet away while its companion will keep an enemy busy in close quarters. In groups of larger than two, warriors can become deadly quickly.


Creature Statistics
Warrior (undead)
Encountered In Risen2-small  
Standard Loot


Additional Loot
Strengths Agile, both ranged and mêlée combat
Weaknesses Counterattacks
Experience / Glory 100 glory
R2 Cr Warrior
  1. Risen 2, during a conversation with Tao.

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