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I am Ursegor. Lord of the Titans.
— Upon meeting the Castaway

Ursegor is a Titan Lord and the King of Saurians. The player encounters him in Chapter 3 as an immortal spirit. Ursegor gives several quests including Open the Titan Gate and the Titan Armour.


Alliance With the GodsEdit

Not much is known with his alliance with the gods to bring down the Titans. But it is known that he did it to be free when he explained it to the Castaway.


Uresgor is found by a small group from the Inquisition led by Inquisitor Mendoza with the Castaway. He explains that during his time imprisoning the Titans he was also imprisoned along the Fire Titan inside the Volcano in the Island. He asls the player to free him from his burden by defeating three servants which keep him locked up on the Golden Throne.

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