Trick AricEdit

You needed to beat Tucker, William, and Kato in the arena in order to do this quest. This is a part of the basic training.

You needed to complete this quest in order to get access to the upper level of the monastery and get the door of the monastery open.

You needed to talk to Aric, and told him that you beat Tucker, William, and Kato. Then, you can invite him to the Arena and fight.

The fight may have two outcomes:

  1. Aric was defeated
  2. You were defeated

Aric was defeatedEdit

If Aric was defeated, then you can talk to Master Vitus and told him that you have completed the basic training.

You were defeatedEdit

If you were defeated, you can fight him again in the arena, but there is a better way to do this...

If you were caught by the white robes in the beginning of the game, it seems impossible to defeat Aric.

You could only lose to him, but almost half of your money will be taken by Aric.

Talk to William and then go to ask Caspar what to do, he said some kind of wine may work well.

So go to take a bottle of Fireflush from Dalman.


After this, ask Karlsen to give you a bad weapon. After the conversation, he will give you "the Worst Sword in the world", made by one of his witless apprentice.

Talk to Aric, and follow Caspar's words, give him some ordinary wine first.

Give Aric 2 bottles of wine, then at last the Fireflush.

Aric said that he could even defeat you with a rusty weapon. So give him the Worst sword in the world in exchange of Aric's Sword.

Then invite him to the Arena. Defeat him with Aric's sword (or any other decent weapon) to complete the quest.


You will find Aric's health was much shorter than before. The fight should be easier

Another wayEdit

If you do not want to lose any money from Aric and have an easier fight, you can produce the third outcome in the initial battle:

3. No one was knocked out, but you were defeated

That means you enter the Arena and exit quickly before Aric can attack you. You will lose the fight because you broke the rule of the Arena.

Then, you can talk to Caspar and continue the quest as above.

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