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Ti Ha Ko is "one of the most powerful talismans ever. The name Ti Ha Ko means "Friend of Tiwa".

The Ti Ha Ko is worth 200 gold and gives a super bonus to two of the players talents in Voodoo. The bonuses are a +5 Death Cult and +15 Black Magic.


The talisman Ti Ha Ko is located inside the temple at the Graveyard on Sword Coast island. After fighting several Termites and Termite Warriors, the player will reach the Graveyard. Once at the top of the hill, there are four (4) Warriors guarding the entrance. Kill all the warriors and heal up. Enter the temple and pick-up the idol. Do not leave. Immediately place the idol back on its' pedestal. Notice another door opens. Go through this door where the player faces two (2) nasty Warriors with spears. Once they are dispatched, open the sarcophagus to find the rare Ti Ha Ko.

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