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Thunder lizards are the largest natural inhabitants on the island.

These animals, eight to ten meters long, are herbivores and usually peaceful — at least, as long as no one comes too close to them, because they are extremely territorial and defend their territory with force against everyone and everything that crosses their path.

Stats Edit

  • Level:16
  • Experience:160
  • Health:480
  • Mana:0
  • Strength:80
  • Dexterity:0
  • Wisdom:0
  • Blades protection:64
  • Slashing protection:80
  • Piercing protection:80
  • Fire protection:64
  • Ice protection:64
  • Magic protection:64

Tactics Edit

When fighting them they will sometimes put their head in the ground protecting from all attacks and then later take it up a surprise attack you.

Rewards Edit


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