Speak to Leon.


Leon says that the ghosts may be found in some old towers to the north, and west.
Leon the farm boy has been haunted by the undead Lord Patroscon ever since he found an old ring.
Leon thinks that gathering all the vassal rings of the undead lords will break the curse.


  • Find all 6 of the vassal ring.
  • Leon will give you one ring
  • All other rings are obtained by killing and looting from the Undead lords . The undead lords are located within ancient ruins and are marked on the quest map.
  • This quest has no time limit. That means you could even complete this quest before defeating Titan .
  • You will encounter two of the Undead Lords during going to see Romanov (You can actually get Vasili to follow you and kill both of them before you dig out the treasure).
  • One of the Undead Lord is in a ruin that is very near to Gyrger , you could also let Henrik follow you to kill it
  • One of them is at a ruin where you need to cross a bridge, near to a big swamp (Not the one in the Bandit Camp), also near to a house that is occupied by about 8 to 9 gnomes.
  • The last one is near Harbour town, and you need to go left that leads a small bridge and a bunch of gnomes instead of going straight to the Harbour Town.


Transformation into an Ashbeast Scroll , Open Locks Scroll , 300 Gold coins

Extra info Edit

  • Finding all 6 Vassal rings will give the xbox 360 player the Ghost hunter Achievement.
  • You could also kill Lord Patroscon (in the cave that you must go through to the East Coast), to get its Rune Shield and Conjure Skeleton Rune and get 50 xp from Leon

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