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One of three factions on Faranga, the Don and His Followers are a group of guards (fighters), hunters, and workers (labourers) located in the island's swamp land.

History Edit

Prior to the arrival on Faranga by the Inquisition, Don Esteban was the leader of Harbour Town. After the Fire Titan Lord settled in the island's volcano, Inquisitor Mendoza arrived with mages and troops, ousting the Don. The displaced band relocated to the island's swamp, where they began planning to regain their former glory.

Risen Edit

Shortly after shipwrecking on Faranga, the Castaway finds his way to the swamp. There he finds the faction, now loosely organized under the Don's leadership, with a number of lieutenants reporting directly to him. By the time of Risen, there is quite a bit of discontent among the faction's members.

The Don hasn't been seen outside of the nearby temple ruin for quite some time. In his absence, his wife Rachel has been trying to maintain order within the camp, but Brogar has decided he should be the leader of the group. He and his fighters are supposed to help protect the labourers as they dig at varies ruins for treasures. The labourers refuse to work so long as they are threatened by dangers in the swamp, such as bog bodies or swamp worms. The hunters — assigned the task of keeping the camp fed — have either given up on the camp (and wandered off drinking) or have been appointed to other tasks by Brogar. 

Members Edit

At different times, the camp includes each of the following individuals.

  • Don Esteban — the leader of the camp or faction.
  • Rachel — the Don's wife, and the cook for the camp.
  • Brogar — the Don's lieutenant, oversees the camp guards (fighters).
    • {Dorgan} — camp guard, assisted Brogar with collecting protection money.
    • Lorenzo — camp guard, dislikes newcomers.
    • Clay — camp guard, in rotation with Phil to guard the back entrance to the swamp.
    • Phil — camp guard, in rotation with Clay to guard the back entrance to the swamp.
    • Craig — camp guard, takes bets and oversees the fighting arena.
    • Jan — camp guard, former camp hunter reassigned by Brogar to guard the road from Harbour Town.
  • Sam — the Don's lieutenant, oversees the camp hunters.
    • Doug — camp hunter, guards main camp entrance from the rest of the island.
    • Luis — camp hunter, usually drunk and camped in the middle of the swamp.
  • Hawkins — the Don's lieutenant, oversees the labourers (workers).
    • Enrico — camp labourer, claims to hear voices from the ruins.
    • Branon — camp labourer.
    • Dwight — camp labourer.
  •  Oscar — camp goldsmith and metalworker.
  •  Rhobart — swamp farmer.
    • Obel — farmhand working for Rhobart.

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