These handy stones are first acquired in the beginning of the Chapter 2, where Inquisitor Mendoza gives you one that lets you instantly travel to the Volcano Keep.

There are 14 teleport stones on Faranga, only three of which can be obtained without combat.

The stones can be obtained in the following locations:

  • Volcano keep — from Inquisitor Mendoza
  • Harbor city — from Carlos/Scordo (Order/Don)
  • Bandit camp — from Fincher
  • East coast
  • Eastern temple
  • Eastern volcano cave
  • Northeastern temple
  • Northern temple
  • Plains temple
  • Southeast coast
  • Southern ruins
  • Southwestern ruins
  • Western ruins
  • Western volcano cave — obtained by killing a lizard priest during the search for the titan helmet in Chapter 4.

The rest of the stones are on Lizardmen all over Faranga, as shown on the image:


Acquiring all 14 teleportation stones yields an Achievement.

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