The skill of sword fighting influences the proficiency player character has with one-handed, bastard swords and two-handed swords.


Bandit CampEdit

  • Craig trains up to level 7.
  • Fincher - Available after An Audience with Don Esteban is completed. He trains up to level 10.

Harbour townEdit

  • Edgar in the Harbortown merchant district teaches Sword fighting. Go left up the path past the brothel at the water front. He is sharpening his sword on the whetstone. After the Don takes over, he can be found in the guardhouse. He will offer training up to level 7.
  • Cutter in the slums teaches sword fighting up to level 4. Cutter will not train the player character after he is defeated in the quest concerning the brugleweed packages.
Level Description Learning points Gold
1 Allows you to attack, parry and combine up to 3 attack blows. n.a. n.a.
2 The Nameless hero can counter parry attacks if timed correctly. 10 200
3 You can perform lateral blows. 10 300
4 Allows you to injure your opponent with a counter parry. Edgar says that you get another hit in from close range. 10 400
5 You can attack, parry and combine up to 4 swings. 10 500
6 The player character wields bastard swords in one hand. 10 600
7 10 700
8 10 800
9 Two-handed swords can be wielded in one hand 10 900
10 10 1000