R2 Cr Sunken One

A Sunken One serves the will of Mara in Risen 2.

The Sunken One is an ugly sea creature, crawled out of the depths of the ocean and subject to the will of Mara in Risen 2: Dark Waters. Its head appears to be similar to that of a cephalopod (e.g., octopus or squid), with a mouth and narrow eyes. It often is accompanied by other creatures of the Southern Seas, such as Sand Devils, Giant Crabs, and rarely a Leviathan. Despite their names, these appear to be a race of sea-dwelling creatures, rather than Shadows.


Sunken Ones possess the ability to speak the human tongue (at least one has a conversation with the pirate Meeks). They wear humanoid apparel, such as pantaloons and some type of shoulder and forearm armor, although they do not use gloves, shoes, or headgear. They wield some type of pick weapon but do not use any ranged weapon or shield.

Location Edit

Sunken Ones appear on beaches, rather than inland. They do not appear in Risen 3, so it is possible that they were raised from the seas by Mara herself and so ceased to exist after her defeat. A more likely scenario is that Mara forced them into her service and, once she was killed, they were able to live freely again and remain in the depths of the sea.

Tactics Edit

Offense: A Sunken One attacks very quickly with its pick weapon, often in 2- or 3-swing combinations. They also occasionally swing their pick in a single spin in place, a slightly slower (but still fast) attack that does a bit more damage. Sometimes they will kick as well, much in the way a human can during sword fighting. They are social and have a decently large aggro radius, so it's important to be mindful of how many have noticed you before engaging them in combat.

Defense: A Sunken One will sometimes use its pick to block or parry a sword attack, negating all damage from a swing. Their skin is somewhat hardened, but is not as thick as that of a Leviathan. Being a creature from the water, they are susceptible to fire. Because they are only slightly taller and of about the same build as most humans, a Sunken One can easily be blocked or parry-riposted, making fights with them much easier.

Encountered In Risen2-small  
Standard Loot Gold
Additional Loot
Strengths Speed, kick interrupt, social attackers
Weaknesses Fire, able to be blocked and parried
Experience / Glory 100

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