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The rough waters of the Southern Seas.
Location Details
Type Body of Water
Faction Voodoo Pirates, Crystal Mages,
The Inquisition, Demon Hunters
Level any (location dependent)
Location World of Risen
Inhabitants Kila, Maracai, Shaganumbi,
gnomes, goblins, pirates, Inquisition
Settlements Crystal Fortress, gnome village,
Pirates' Den, Puerto Sacarico,
Port of Antigua, Puerto Isabella,
Shaganumbi village, Kila village,
Mage community, Maracai village,
Inquisition outpost (Fog Island),
Iron Bay
Geographic Orientation
Southern Seas Map

The Southern Seas is the name of a vast expanse of water between the two known continents, the Old Empire in the north and Arborea to the south. It includes the islands of Gaurus and Faranga in the east and an archipelago west of these. Known islands and coastal regions of the Southern Seas include the following. Note that there are also certain unnamed islands of some significance as well, such as the two where the Air Temple and Water Temple are found.

There are several settlements in each of these areas as well. The inhabitants vary in race, culture, and purpose, from mages to the Inquisition, from pirates to the native peoples, from gnomes to goblins. Many of the settlements were established during the flight of the Old Empire south, away from the devastation left behind by the continued battles with titans. Some places are settled by those fleeing the destruction but outside of the authority of the Inquisition, such as the mages and pirates. There are also some indigenous peoples, such as the Kila, Shaganumbi, and gnomes.

The area is dangerous, home to sea monsters, hauntings, and even titans themselves. Additional threats also turn up as events in the world unfold. For example, after the aggressions of Mara the Water Titan begin, the Air Temple becomes active again, resulting in gargoyle infestations on various islands. When Nekroloth — Titan Lord of Death — began opening portals from the Underworld to the world of the living, the oracle Morgoloth stopped communicating with the local Kila tribe and sent her soldiers out to attack the local village.