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The soul eaters are highly intelligent, sentient Shadows. They are capable of speech in certain circumstances, employing battle tactics as well as mission strategies. If a Shadow Lord is the equivalent of a general in the armies of Nekroloth, a soul eater would then be a colonel or lieutenant colonel.


History Edit

Prior to Risen 3, not much was revealed about soul eaters. It seems clear that their abilities were not generally known, given some of the responses to them in the third game.

Risen 3 Edit

In Risen 3, they are found abundantly, both in larger groups of enemies and as solo encounters, and are approximately the same in appearance when encountered in their true forms. They somewhat resemble husky, doglike demons, with large skulls for heads and large horns protruding from just behind the tops of their faces. Typically the horns are unbalanced, one side growing much larger than the other. Soul eaters have exposed ribs on their underbellies and a bony central back ridge, similar to sailfin lizards, although those of the soul eaters are made up more of protruding bones with what resembles partially decayed flesh stretched between them.

Society Edit

Purpose Edit

Soul eaters appear to serve any of three primary functions.

  • Guardians: Often they serve in an "area denial" capacity. For example, one guards the door to Chani's cell in the Tower of Torture on Skull Island. On Fog Island, the Inquisition camp is "guarded" (blocked off) by a nimble soul eater named Rakazor. They also are sometimes encountered on the way to or near Shadow Lords or crystal portals, such as near the one on the east side of the Calador lava flow.
  • Infiltrators: Sometimes a soul eater may mask its true nature, such as posing as an animal or a human. Cole posed as a human asking for "help", when his true goal was to get the Son of Steelbeard killed. Circe manipulated both Inquisition soldiers Hector and Diaz in a bizarre love triangle while masquerading as a woman. Raxkarok pretended to be a duck, something only the Inquisition soldier Hull became suspicious of.
  • Assaulters: Attacking a group of humans and killing any present seems to be a specialty of the soul eaters. Usually these attacks are carried out solo, although they have occasionally been in the same vicinity as other Shadows. A soul eater at the base of Berserker Pass is accompanied by a pair of skeletons, and Zrak Xakom on Fog Island has four black ghoul companions.

Names Edit

It is probable that all soul eaters have names, but only a handful have been revealed. Those known — and their primary missions — are listed below.

Known Shadow Lords in the Southern Seas

Soul Eater

Location Purpose
"Cole" (actual name unknown)

Kila — on a small islet northeast of the main island

Kill the Son of Steelbeard, either personally or via other Shadows in the area
El' Razax Calador — in the northwest, after speaking with Idrico Unknown; summoned as a magic experiment by the mage Idrico.
Krak al Rah Fog Island — in the southeast, just north of the lake where Nathan is found Prevent fish from providing food for the Inquisition on the island.
Rakazor Fog Island — down the hill from the Inquisition encampment Unclear; most likely to prevent the Inquisition at the encampment from leaving or receiving aid.
Raxkarok Fog Island — in the central north, not far from where Hull and Fletcher sit by a campfire Uncertain; likely spying on the Inquisition to learn their plans.
Xora Rul ("Circe") Fog Island — in roughly the middle of the eastern side of the island, at a small outpost near ruins Distract and kill two Inquisition soldiers, preventing them from their mission (gathering food supplies)
Zrak Xakom Fog Island — in the southwestern portion of the island, where you can find Protector's Notes Terrorize (and kill) the Inquisition soldiers under the command of Gonzalez.

Note that, in the cases of soul eaters on Fog Island, each also wants to consume the souls of those whom Balthazar has trapped on the island. It is unclear how this ties into the plans of Nekroloth, if at all.

Tactics Edit

In a manner appropriate to their doglike forms, soul eaters are relatively agile and fast. They will usually lunge forward into combat, using a quick swipe with either paw or ramming with its head (which can often knock an opponent down). They alternate between their paws and bite while in hand-to-hand, and partially circle an enemy who has moved away before reentering mêlée. Oddly, despite its canine appearance, a soul eater does not pin an enemy to the ground like a hellhound does. Although this means the creatures have no ranged attacks, they are able to quickly close distances so their claws and bite can reach their prey.


Creature Statistics
Soul Eater
Encountered In Risen3-small  
Standard Loot

Green Heart

Additional Loot
Strengths Fairly agile, high health, high damage
Weaknesses Heavy attacks, area of effect spells
Experience / Glory 200 glory
Xora Rul



  • Real-world Mythology: The abilities and appearance of soul eaters may have been inspired by the myths of Rakshasa, a demon of Hindu mythology known as a shapeshifter and stealer of souls.
  • Soul Eater Gender: As a point of consideration, Xora Rul was posing as a woman. It is unknown whether this indicates actual gender of the soul eater or if it was only a female in order to seduce the Inquisition soldiers.

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