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Smithing is a great skill to have for any class especially melee fighters. It allows player to craft powerful artifacts and swords. It can be a good source of money as well.


Learning Smithing will cost

  • Level 1 (100 gold and 5 learning points)
  • Level 2 (250 gold and 5 learning points)
  • Level 3 (500 gold and 5 learning points)

Tools neededEdit

  • Smith's Hammer (used for weapons)
  • Goldsmith's Hammer (used for jewellery)
  • Goldsmith's Tongs (used for jewellery)

All can be brought from either Oscar, Karlsen or Alvaro (Running the smith shop in harbour city)

How to make weaponsEdit

  • Trade the Ores you have obtained for sword blanks with one of the Smithing trainers.
  • Take the sword blanks to a forge
  • Use the sword on the anvil
  • Use the swords on the Water trough
  • Use the sword on the Whetstone

Note: it's hard to find a place to make swords, but Oscar and Karlsen leave their work station at the evening/night, so you may use they to forge weapons.

How to make jewelryEdit

  • Take the gold ore and the gems to the Goldsmiths.
  • Use the goldsmith and select which item you want made.



Special WeaponsEdit

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