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A Shadow Lord is a powerful creature of darkness that leads lesser shadows in establishing and spreading the influence of the Underworld.

Risen Edit

Risen 3: Titan Lords Edit

The Son of Steelbeard discovers his first Shadow Lord while exploring the Crab Coast with his half-sister, Patty. In the process, he loses his soul to the Underworld and begins traveling to learn how to get it back. Shadow Lords are generals in the armies of Nekroloth, carrying out specific tasks to ensure his successful conquest of the world. Known shadow lords, their locations, and their individual assignments are indicated below.

Known Shadow Lords in the Southern Seas

Shadow Lord...

Location Assignment
...of Betrayal Taranis — "shadow swirl" area in southwest, where Shax' chest is found Turn mages / guardians against each other (e.g., Horas and Shax)
...of Cowardice

Calador — northwest ruin, near where Idrico performs his experiment

Spread fear among the demon hunters (e.g., Winter)
...of Doubt Calador — in the very north of the paths to the east of the river of lava Cause uncertainty among the demon hunters (e.g., Cyril)
...of Discord Kila — beneath the temple, next door to Morgoloth's cave Turn Morgoloth against the Kila, and the Kila against the pirates
...of Fury Skull Island — just beyond the central gate, north of the alliance encampment Destroy anyone attempting travel north of the encampment
...of Greed Antigua — inside the skull cave to the north Increase existing greed among the pirates (e.g., Griffith)
...of Hate The Crab Coast — at the portal where the Son of Steelbeard first loses his soul Create hatred among any entering the area
...of Hunting Taranis — comes through the portal after the Son of Steelbeard attempts to enter the Underworld Destroy intruders into the realm of Shadows (via dream or otherwise)
...of Madness Tacarigua — inside the skull cave to the north Cause paranoia and insanity among the Inquisition (e.g., Commandant Sebastiano)
...of Slavery Skull Island — northwest of the alliance encampment, where Gray guards a bridge Destroy any attempting to travel north beyond the bridge.

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