Map of severin

Severin is at Tilda's farm.

If you take on the role of a Mage or Warrior of the Order, Cyrus's test will send you to Severin.

Before you set off, ask him about the details of the missions.

Once there, just mention the crates Cyrus is waiting for, to finish this quest.


Severin, in charge of Tilda's farm.

As for collecting any new artefacts — mention that Cyrus will "rip your head off" if you do not get them.

The artefacts are an old golden crystal disk (Eldric will repair it in Chapter 2) and the ring of the staff fighter.

Now just return to the Monastery and give the artefacts to Cyrus. In return you will be able to choose between

  • a small ruby,
  • a ring of the staff fighter and
  • a berserker scroll.

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