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Rum is a consumable item, available in all three Risen games. The effect of this item changes, however, from one game to another.

Risen Edit

As most liquids in the game, rum restores mana rather than health. Drinking this will add 15 mana to the character's total, never exceeding the maximum level of mana available to him.

Risen 2 and 3 Edit

When consumed, rum increases a character's blood by 75. This means that 75 points of health will be instantly restored. In Risen 3, if Ultra Combat Difficulty is used, a cooldown of approximately 10 seconds is applied after drinking this item.

Acquisition Edit

Rum is less common than cheap liquor or grog, but it can still be purchased through merchants like Josh and Patty (Risen), or Hawkins and Spencer (Risen 2 and 3). While not common, it is not rare to find a bottle of rum in a chest you open. It is extremely rare to find rum out in plain sight, such as sitting atop a shelf or table.

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