Description Edit

Captain Romanov is a notorious ex-pirate, now held in a private cell in Harbour Town. He hates Captain Steelbeard as well as his daughter Patty.

Location Edit

Romanov is being held in a prison at the very end of the port in Harbour Town. Head past the warehouse down a long narrow strip of land.

To speak with Romanov:

  • You must either beat the guard in a fight and take the key off of him while he is incapacitated,
  • Distract him with some entertainment which can be found back near the warehouse,
  • Or pickpocket the key from the guard.

Quests Initiated Edit

  • Romanov's seaman's chest
    When you talk to Romanov he will give you a quest where he wants you to break into the warehouse and find a chest and there will be a casket in it. You can bring it back to him or hand it over to the Order for a reward.

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