Welcome to our Risen 3 Hacks page.  Edit

Here you will find best Risen 3: Titan Lords trainer. Our application is written for latest version of game and may not work with older versions. Trainer is very easy to use. Please read the included notepad file for important instructions on using the hack. Trainer features: Unlimited Health, Edit Melee, Edit Ranged, Edit Cunning, Edit Influence, Edit Toughness, Edit Dexterity, Edit Magic, Edit Spirit, Edit Glory, Unlimited Ammo, Item Multiplier, Fly Hack, Speed Hack, Teleport (save/load). The best thing is that game does not crash while our hack is running. Thanks to Radamarr for new in-game GUI. Risen 3: Titan Lords trainer is working on Single-Player game mode. Have fun guys!

Risen 3 Trainer is now available to download here: (could be a virus)

How to use Risen 3 Trainer?

Tutorial step by step how to hack game with our trainer

Step One: Update game to the latest version and launch! The first thing to do in order to cheat Risen 3 game, is install latest game patch and run.

Step Two: Run our Risen 3 Titan Lords trainer! Now it's time to cheat game! Connect tool with game client. Go to hack's window and press inject button. As we already mentioned, this hack is pretty easy to use so now you just have to press F12 ingame to open hack's menu.

Step Three:  Have fun. Don't forget to leave feedback. Remember to report all bugs if you want fast update.

Risen 3 trainer is available here: (could be a virus)


Updated Item Hack list

Fixed Speed Hack

Game Crashes reduced to 0

New GUI by Radamarr

Added Fly Hack

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