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These Plants can be collected, consumed or sold in Risen 2: Dark Waters.

Common Plants Edit

These plants are relatively common, and the worth 10 gold each. They regenerate health by 5. It is usually better to either sell them or use them in potions, though.

Black Oleander Edit

R2 Pl Black Oleander   It releases a light fragrance that sharpens the senses.  
  • Regeneration 5

Bloodroot Edit

R2 Pl Bloodroot   Many natives chew on the root during heavy physical work.  
  • Regeneration 5

Choking Vine Edit

R2 Pl Choking Vine   Their powerful roots spread deep into the ground.  
  • Regeneration 5

Golden Clover Edit

R2 Pl Golden Clover   It actually grows everywhere.  
  • Regeneration 5

Powdered Poppy Seed Edit

R2 Pl Powdered Poppy Seed   The natives call this plant 'Eye of the Panther'.  
  • Regeneration 5

Skullflower Edit

R2 Pl Scullflower   The oddly shaped white flowers give this plant its name.  
  • Regeneration 5

Spirit Lily Edit

R2 Pl Spirit Lily   The milky sap of this plant has a mild smell of decomposition.  
  • Regeneration 5

Plants with Permanent Effect Edit

These plants, when consumed will immediately and permanently up the Nameless Hero's skill values. They are quite valuable, worth 50 gold, and rare (around 3–5 can be found per larger location).

With the right Schematic you can brew potions from these plants, this doubles their potency, i.e. doubles the skill values you gain permanently.

Graveroot Edit

R2 Pl Graveroot   Can often be found close to graves. The natives believe that it feeds itself on the souls of the dead.  
  • Black Magic +1
  • Death Cult +1
  • Ritual +1

Hero's Crown Edit

R2 Pl Hero's Crown   The natives of the Southern Islands have known the effect of this herb for a long time. Many warriors use it to handle pain more easily.  
  • Bladeproof +1
  • Bulletproof +1
  • Intimidate +1

Jester's Cap Edit

R2 Pl Jester's Cap   This small mushroom grows mainly in sunny spots.  
  • Dirty Tricks +1
  • Thievery +1
  • Silver Tongue +1

Sharpeye Edit

R2 Pl Sharpeye   Sharpeye has been known to sharpen the senses for centuries.  
  • Muskets +1
  • Shotguns +1
  • Pistols +1

Swordthorn Edit

R2 Pl Swordthorn   The long sharp leaves can even cut through thin leather.  
  • Slashing Weapons +1
  • Piercing Weapons +1
  • Throwing Weapons +1

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