Rescue Sara from the wilderness

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Quest Edit

This quest doesn't show up at your quest page. You can finish this quest after Alone and Abandoned by finding Sara a better place to stay.

If you want talk to Jan about Sara she will appear at the bandit camp later on in the game. If you talk to Tristan about Sara she will appear near Severin at Tilda's farm later on in the game.

Location Edit

Sara is at the abandoned house in the beginning of the game.

Jan is at the house outside the swamp on the road to Harbour town.

Tristan is at a farm east of the swamp, and north of the Harbour town.

Reward Edit

  • 50 Experience
  • Large healing potion

Notes Edit

There are two ways of doing this quest and the outcome depends on which way you choose.

Achievement Edit

Philanthropist (10 points)

"Rescue Sara from the wilderness" completed

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