The Recruits staff is the second weakest weapon in the Staff category.

Availability Edit

  • It is sold by the Smith in the Monastery and used by Recruits of the Order.
  • It will generally only be used if the player decides to join the Order and is quickly superseded by the Spear, which is also attainable in the Monastery.

Related Quests Edit

  • The Castaway is ordered to obtain a Recruits staff from Master Aric, assuming they choose to join the Order or Convocation.
  • It is necessary to obtain one no matter which of the two factions the player chooses to join.

Note Edit

  • Although the player is required to obtain one in order to be taught by Master Aric, he/she do not have to use it, simply having it in the inventory is enough to satisfy the quest requirement. As such this means it is a much smarter move to obtain the spear as well as the staff.

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