Plot Edit

  The game begins with the protagonist being on a Inquisition ship. Gods have been banished from the world by Humanity and thus the barriers which held the Titans locked up are broken. Numerous Ruins have Risen from the ground, and many creatures charging out of it. One of the Titans, presumably a Water Titan attacks the ship. The captain of the ship, Inquisitor Mendoza tries to fend him off by launching out very powerful magic, but fails. Afterwards, he teleports away to the mainland. The ship crashes and only you and a woman are the survivors, the castaways.

  There are two main factions: the Bandits and the Inquisition. Before the storms began, Don Esteban was the leader of the Island and the boss of Harbor Town. But that soon changed - The Inquisition came and kicked the Don out of the Town. The Don and his men were then called Bandits. Both factions now plunder the ruins which have Risen, having a race with time itself to save Humanity once again.

  The game consists of four chapters. In Chapter I, the protagonist has to prove his worth either to the Bandits or the Inquisition. In Chapter II, the player has to find various clues and hints about the Ruins, more specifically, magical Crystal Discs which were once created by the Saurians. The Chapter III puts the player into the fortress of the Saurians, searching for a answer or a secret to stop the storms. Eventually, the player finds Ursegor, the Titan Lord, also the King of the Saurians. Then, the player has to find all armor pieces of the Titan Lords armor. Once he does, the protagonist kills Inquisitor Mendoza and equips the Ocular he wears to see the Titan. After a fierce battle, the player defeats the Titan and the game ends.

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