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Pattys-Inn Sign
The sign of the inn Patty runs on Faranga.
Location Details
Type Building
Faction Various; mostly The Don and His Followers
Level 5–10
Location Harbour Town, Faranga
NPCs Patty, Ingvar, Vasili, Nico, Dytar
Geographic Orientation
PattysInn HarbourTown

Patty's Inn is an establishment within Harbour Town, located in the Harbour District. It is the gathering spot of many different individuals and, as such, is also associated with many different quests.

History Edit

Before Risen Edit

Prior to the events of Risen, the inn had another owner. However, when the Inquisition arrived and began conscripting citizens to work for them, the innkeeper was sent to the ruins and died while there. Patty, stranded by the nearby storms, decided to take over the inn temporarily for herself.


Risen Edit

As part of the Harbour District, Patty's Inn tends to be frequented by poorer or more disreputable individuals. Although the Inquisition has a presence in the area, they generally only patrol and don't actually enter the inn.

Patty is not content at the inn, and continues to run it mainly for the advantage it gives her in acquiring knowledge of her father's whereabouts. It also allows her a place to stay and way of making a living until she can figure out how to sneak out of the city.

Quests Edit

Primary Edit

Tangential Edit