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LI Parrot's Wing

Parrot's Wing

LI Parrot's Wing Stats


The wing of an old parrot. Said to bring its owner luck.

The Parrot's Wing is one of the Legendary Items in Risen 2: Dark Waters that yields:

+10 Throwing Weapons

Location Edit

The artefact is located on The Isle of Thieves, in a treasure chest at the south-eastern exit of the Treasure Cave. In order to be able to dig up the chest, a Message in a Bottle must be first found at the southern beach. This is usually done during the quest A Way Out of the Cave.

For more details and map see the associated quest - The Treasure in the Cave.

Trivia Edit

  • Looting the item will complete the identically named quest which rewards the Nameless Hero with 200 Glory
  • A shovel is needed to dig up the treasure chest
  • The chest cannot be dug up without first finding the Message in a Bottle

Guide Edit

Full guide showing the location of the map and the artefact:

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