Old Empire
R2 Art Caldera
Caldera, before the great destruction.
Location Details
Type Continental peninsula
Level N/A
Location Lost Realm (Old Continent)
Inhabitants Inquisition citizens, Titans
Geographic Orientation
Lost-Realm Highlight

The Old Empire refers to a vast, now-lost realm controlled at one time by the Inquisition, but which has since fallen to the mercy of the titans. It has also become referred to as the Lost Realm since the Inquisition's flight south.

Information about the Old Empire is little, although it is known it was once ruled by the King. As of the beginning of Risen, the Inquisition is already in the midst of a long war against the titans, a war it is losing. At the southern tip of the continent (in the region of Caldera) is the Crystal Fortress; as of Risen 2: Dark Waters, this is the Inquisition's last stronghold in the Lost Realm, and its capital. From certain places in the city, one can look to the north and see fires constantly burning. Whether these fires have always existed (and thus gave name to the region) or are a result of battles against the titans is unclear. It is possible this region was recently renamed to Caldera.

Most of the Old Empire's population has been relocated to various settlements south of the old continent, such as Puerto Sacarico and Puerto Isabella. The Inquisition has even established a small base on Fog Island in spite of its dangers. By the time of Risen 3: Titan Lords, the Inquisition's control has weakened. The fate of Governor Di Fuego and Commandant Sebastiano is an example of how the influence of the Shadows — particularly via the Shadow Lords — has resulted in fear, doubt, and even infighting. It is unclear whether the Lost Realm contains any Inquisition anymore. Given that Commandant Carlos was overseeing the defense of the Crystal Fortress in Risen 2 but is located on Fog Island in Risen 3, it seems unlikely any control remains over the Old Empire.

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