The Moluccas (natives) inhabiting the Southern Seas seem to share a common language, implying they likely originate from the same people but have divided into their modern-day tribes. The Shaganumbi, Maracai, and Kila have all demonstrated the same vocabulary, heard in both Risen 2: Dark Waters and Risen 3: Titan Lords. At least in many instances, the in-game words appear to be taken directly or derived from Hawaiian.

Vocabulary Edit

  • aloha (short., oha) - hello / hi
  • bambule - conflict / disagreement
  • chaka - chief
  • chi - yes
  • chi raka - a good fight
  • gaia - earth
  • Gaio Tiwa - Earth Titan
  • gucho - white man
  • halmak - middle-class Tonka applying for the title of leader
  • hamila - student, apprentice
  • hazaka - tool
  • Hike - Ancestors
  • hoshi - friend
  • jalla - "go" (in various forms)
  • Ka! - Come on!
  • kabuki - the enemy
  • kanadiktu - spring solstice
  • kapo - quite
  • kiki - voodoo priestess
  • muleke - forager
  • oha - a shortened form of aloha
  • ono - not
  • ono palaver - no talk (as in, "I refuse to talk", "talk is unnecessary", or "stop talking") / no trade*
  • palaver - talk / sell*
  • raka - fighting
  • Shi Hoko Tiwa - Harpoon of the Titans
  • ta wonga - thank you
  • taopi -
  • tawulele (short., ulele) - let's trade / let's exchange
  • Ti' Ha Ko - "friend of the Titans"
  • Tiwa - Titan (sometimes short. to Ti')
  • tonka - warrior
  • tufas - hunter
  • ulele - a shortened form of tawulele

*The most likely connection of trading with talking is that the Moluccan barter system probably involved verbal haggling over prices.

In addition, they use descriptive phrases for some things that have proper names in English. "Blue Coats" is their term for the Inquisition, "Big Mouth" is what they call an alligator, and "Thunder Mace" is their name for a musket.

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