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Mushrooms are consumable items, available in all three Risen games. How they are obtained, however, as well as the nature of these items changes from one game to another.


Found on the ground (or rarely, looted from a killed enemy), these pink-colored fungi are scattered across the island of Faranga.

Risen 2 and 3Edit

Unlike in Risen, once a mushroom is picked from the ground, it is immediately converted to provisions. Once converted, it works as any provision (see that page for details).

Acquisition Edit

In all three games, wandering around the landscapes will naturally often take the Castaway or the Son of Steelbeard to locations that have mushrooms growing. They are particularly common near caves or temples.

Trivia Edit

  • In Risen 2 only, the label for this item is "Poku Mushroom". There appears to be no difference other than in name between the standard "Mushroom" in Risen 3 and the "Poku Mushroom" of the second game.
  • Although technically mushrooms are fungi, they are considered plants on most game lists elsewhere.

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