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Moths are insect pests living on the island of Faranga. They are found in a variety of locations, but most especially near ruins, caves (mines), and swamps.

Varieties Edit

Grave moths are of a dull grey-brown colour, with a light circular marking on their wings. They appear to be giant butterflies crossed with giant wasps, possessing the legs and stingers of the latter.

Talon moths are the strong relative of grave moths. They can be distinguished by yellow colouring on their wings and the tips of their legs, and are a bit more powerful.

Tactics Edit

Relatively speaking, both versions have low health and weak attacks, although talon moths can break an enemy's block. They will frequently attack 2 or 3 times in a row with their stingers, followed by a pause before attacking again. During this pause, they are vulnerable to any attacks by their opponents. Note that they generally come in groups, and they can quickly kill an enemy by sheer numbers, especially when attacks are offset from one another. It is possible to funnel them into a narrow space, avoiding the potential for becoming surrounded.

Statistics Edit

Creature Statistics
Grave moth Talon moth
Encountered In Risen-small   Risen-small  
Standard Loot Wing dust Wing dust
Additional Loot Wing (gut animals) Wing (gut animals)
Health 180 270
Strengths Social, often in groups Social, often in groups, break shield block
Weaknesses Delay after attacking, easy to draw into narrow space for 1-on-1 fighting Delay after attacking, easy to draw into narrow space for 1-on-1 fighting
Experience / Glory 60 exp 90 exp
Grave Moth Talon Moth

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