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A common foot soldier for the Titan Lord Nekroloth, minions are similar to zombies, but much faster and more skilled. Minions lack the power of speech, and those living who are converted lose their speaking ability when conversion has progressed far enough.[1]

History Edit

Minions are first introduced to the series by name in Risen 3. It is possible a warrior is a variant of a minion, given many similar physical traits. Since this cannot be verified, these will be listed separately within this Wiki.

Risen 3 Edit

After the crystal portals are opened across the Southern Seas, minions were among the Shadows arriving in the world of the living. In addition, Nekroloth raised the dead and even converted living individuals to minions. Shax was too far in his conversion to be saved, while the Son of Steelbeard had limited time but was still in control.

As one of the more basic Shadow types, minions were generally sent to either protect Shadow leaders (like Shadow Lords) or to patrol specific areas (such as the southeastern swamps of Tacarigua). They will almost always be found in groups of 2 to 4, the most common type being the shadow warrior. With great numbers comes an increase in the chance that a shadow sorcerer will accompany the group.

Tactics Edit

Minions' tactics generally only differ by minion type. In other words, all shadow warriors will fight like each other, and one shadow sorcerer will use the same tactics as another shadow sorcerer.

The warriors use a heavy attack very often (more than 50% of the time), which will break a block by a weapon. They also are able to parry and riposte or to block any humanoid's weapon attack. This extreme reliance upon heavy attacks makes their strikes easy to escape (move out of range of) or to parry, allowing for a quick takedown.

The sorcerers will use the Stonefist spell (or an equivalent), which can be devastating at lower levels or if in larger groups of minions. Since they are spellcasters, they have no weapons or armor. This means they are very open to attack and interruption. Of course, this also means they cannot be blocked or parried.

Statistics Edit

Creature Statistics
Shadow Warrior Shadow Sorcerer
Encountered In Risen3-small   Risen3-small  
Standard Loot Shadow Weapon
Additional Loot
Strengths Power attacks, parry Dodging
Weaknesses Quick attacks (during its power attack windup), can be interrupted No defense other than dodging, can be interrupted
Experience / Glory 100 100
Shadow-Sorceror Shadow-Sorceror
  1. Risen 3, in a conversation with Shax.