Speak to Lukor to receive this quest.

Lukor wants Five armour plates retrieved. The day labourers Ingvar and Vesili, who hang around in Patty's tavern, and Duram, a worker in the harbour have them.
  • Speak to Duram, either give him 250 Gold or pickpocket his key
  • If you stole his key speak to Ukkos and give him some meat (Completes the Quest Meat for Ukkos). He will tell you where to find Duram's chest (upstairs in the storehouse)
  • Go upstairs behind Ukkos and grab the 2 peices of armour.
  • Speak to Vasili in Patty's tavern and obtain the peice of armour either by force or offering him 100 gold.
  • Speak to Ingvar and either buy it off him, beat him up or pickpocket it.
  • Return to Lukor (For the Don) or Carasco (for the Order)
  • Reward 300 XP and 400 gold