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Risen and Risen 2: Dark Waters provide a list of Tips while loading that any player should be aware of to get the most out of the game.

Risen Edit

Cooking & Recipe Edit

  • You can use a frying pan to roast raw meat or fish on a stove or a campfire.
  • If you find a recipe and the right ingredients, you can prepare food in a kettle.

Healing Edit

  • Fried meat and fish will restore your life energy when eaten.
  • Drinking from a water barrel will heal you.
  • Healing potions, plants and food may restore your life energy.

Spells Edit

  • Anyone can use a spell scroll.
  • Magic barriers can only be destroyed with an appropriate spell.
  • An Open Lock spell will allow you to open almost every locked chest or door.
  • An Illusion spell allows you to distract someone.
  • If someone gets mad at you and refuses to speak to you, you can calm him down with a Jest spell.
  • With a Nautilus spell, you can crawl through tiny openings.
  • A Levitation spell allows you to cross a chasm.
  • When it is dark, you can use a torch or a Light spell.
  • The Telekinesis spell enables you to reach items at a distance.
  • An out-of-reach lever can be manipulated by using a Telekinesis spell.
  • An out-of-reach switch can be manipulated by using a Telekinesis spell or a long-range weapon.
  • An out-of-reach winch can be manipulated by using a Telekinesis spell or a long-range weapon.

Talents Edit

  • The talent Open Locks allows you to open locked chests and doors using a lock pick.
  • The Create Scrolls talent allows you to create spell scrolls on a rune table.
  • The Acrobatics talent lessens the damage when you fall from great height.
  • With the Alchemy talent and the right ingredients, you can brew potions at an alchemy table.
  • With the Smithing talent, you can forge weapons in a smithy.
  • With the Smithing talent, you can create magical jewelry in a goldsmithy.
  • The Sneak talent allows you to move in silence.
  • With the Prospecting talent and a pickaxe, you can prospect for minerals at certain locations in the world.

Characters Edit

  • Warriors of the Order can use scrolls and magic crystals.
  • Mages can perform all types of magic: scroll, crystal and rune magic.
  • All the trainers and traders you have already met in the world can be viewed in your journal.
  • You should revisit traders from time to time to see whether they have any new goods.

'Looting' Edit

  • Some chests or doors can only be opened with the appropriate key.
  • If you are caught stealing, you will be attacked.
  • Mussels will sometimes contain valuable pearls.
  • You need a shovel to dig up treasure.
  • Pickpocketing can be a profitable source of income — just as long as you don't get caught.
  • Bookstands may contain important information and improve your wisdom.

General Gameplay Tips Edit

  • Teleport stones allow you to travel faster across the world.
  • You can sleep for a while in a bed in order to heal and advance the time of day.
  • You can only use a shield if you have at least one hand free.
  • Deep waters are deadly.
  • In your journal, you can view the quests you've accepted.
  • Saving often is a good idea.

Risen 2: Dark Waters Edit

History & Story Edit

  • The price for saving the Isle of Faranga was to free the Titan Lord Ursegor.
  • The gods vanished with the dark wave, and with them went free access to magic. The only magic known to work is voodoo magic.
  • Only Titan Lords have the power to control Titans.
  • After the king died, the Inquisition took over command of the Empire. It placed all power into the hands of the newly formed High Council.
  • After what happened on Faranga, the last magicians were banned.
  • The only Titan who could be defeated so far, you imprisoned forever on Faranga.
  • The Inquisition was founded by the last king of the old empire to protect people from magical dangers.
  • Mendoza was the last Inquisitor. A Titan corrupted him on Faranga, and you killed him.
  • On Faranga you joined the Inquisition and defeated the Fire Titan.
  • Commandant Carlos is one of the few that you still know from your time on Faranga.
  • You were wondering what happened to the magical equipment you had in Risen? There is a good reason it's not there anymore...

Locations Edit

  • Caldera is protected by a large deposit of magical crystals under the fortress.
  • Caldera is the last free city of the people. Mankind has launched its struggle for survival from there.
  • For a long time the exact location of the Water Temple was unknown. It was the pirate captain Gregorius Emanuel Steelbeard who finally discovered it.
  • The most famous of all pirate strongholds is on Antigua. This is where the captains' council meets.
  • Maracai is the destination of one of the two expeditions setting out to find new land to be settled by the people.
  • The Sword Coast was the first part of the new continent of Arborea to be settled. Puerto Isabella is the outermost outpost of civilisation.
  • The continent of Arborea seems to have been spared from the destruction of the Titan Lords.

Characters Edit

  • Each of your companions has special skills that might help you on your adventures. Consider carefully who you want to take with you.
  • Your companions cannot die. They get up again after a fight, as soon as there are no more enemies nearby.
  • The pirates' triathlon consists of a good punch-up, a drinking contest and a shooting match.
  • The natives worship the Titans as their gods. They get their voodoo magic from them.
  • The natives of the Southern Isles and the Inquisition are enemies. You will need to choose from which side you are going to accept help.
  • The spirits of the ancestors live on in the Underworld. Only a few people have ever gained entrance to that world.
  • The greatest and most notorious captains of their time sit on the captains' council.
  • The pirates stole four weapons from the Water Temple. They are the only way to defeat Mara.
  • The one-time alliance of the great pirate captains is broken. A merciless war rages among the pirates.
  • Mara must be defeated if mankind is to succeed in settling on Arborea.

Combat & Enemies Edit

  • You should come back later if an enemy is too strong for you.
  • Some monsters are too big to parry. You will have to find another way to defeat them.
  • You can strike with the butt of your musket in melee combat. Some shotguns have been especially equipped with a bayonet.

Game Mechanics Edit

  • Save often.
  • You can sleep in a bed for a while to heal yourself and change the time of day.
  • You need a treasure map and a shovel to dig up treasure.
  • This game plays down the effects of alcohol.

Attributes & Talents Edit

  • Each time you increase an attribute, the associated talents will increase likewise.
  • Legendary artifacts are hidden throughout the Southern Isles. They increase your attributes and talents. Check your character screen to see which ones you are still missing.
  • You will do more damage with a higher fighter talent.

Skills Edit

  • Armed with the Lockpicking skill and a lock pick you can open locked chests and doors.
  • Pickpocketing can be a lucrative source of income if you make sure you don't get caught.
  • The Brew Potion skill lets you brew powerful potions in a voodoo cauldron if you have the right ingredients.
  • A voodoo doll lets you weaken and even wound enemies. In some cases you can even use it to gain control of people and talk in their place.
  • The Distiller skill lets you distil delicious liquor in a pot-still.
  • The Forging skill lets you forge and repair blades in a smithy.
    • You will find fragments of especially rare or powerful weapons. As soon as you have both pieces, you can join them together.
    • In order to repair a weapon, all you need is one of the two fragments.
  • The Create Talisman skill lets you make rings and amulets on a voodoo altar.
  • The Gunsmith skill lets you make and repair firearms at a workbench.
    • You need a schematic to build weapons.
    • Firearms were invented by Master Godin from Caldera. You can buy simple muskets on the market but only the Inquisition gets its hands on the good guns.
  • Each of your companions has special skills that might help you on your adventures. Consider carefully who you want to take with you.

Items Edit

  • Monkeys can climb through windows that are too small for humans.
  • Legendary Artefacts are hidden throughout the Southern Isles. They increase your attributes and talents. Check your character screen to see which ones you are still missing.
  • Remember to always bring torches.
  • Oyster shells may sometimes contain a valuable pearl.

Equipment & Food Edit

  • You can fry raw meat over a campfire or on a stove.
  • All the food that you collect is shown in your inventory under Provisions.
  • Provisions help to regenerate your body. However, it takes a while until you are fully healed.
  • Always make sure that you carry enough ammunition, potions and liquor. You won't find any merchants in the jungle.

Navigation Edit

  • Some rowing boats allow you to row down the coast. Doing so saves you a long walk.
  • Deep seas and high mountains border the areas you can travel in.
  • Use the Sea Chart to travel from island to island.

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