Kila Highlight
The Kila are a tribe of Moluccas (natives) who live on an island of the same name in the Southern Seas. It appears they, like the Shaganumbi, had established themselves long before the Inquisition fled from the Old Empire to escape the titans. It is unknown whether they and the Shaganumbi were originally of the same people and just split into two different tribes. The Kila practice Voodoo, one of three types of magic available in Risen 3: Titan Lords.

Primary Leadership Edit

Several leaders among the Kila run different aspects of their society. Their chieftain, Hirutu, manages most of the tribe's affairs, especially as concerns relations with outsiders. When the Son of Steelbeard first arrives on Kila, a conflict between the shipwrecked pirates and the tribe has escalated to the point that Hirutu is preparing for a war against the pirates.

After being ostracized by her former Shaganumbi tribe, the voodoo witch Chani made her way to Kila, where she became the primary communicator with the oracle. She is the leader of voodoo magic among the tribe and even sometimes gains command over some warriors when needed. For example, when Morgoloth started preparing for war against the Kila, Chani commanded a small group of warriors led by Tonka Damaka to stop the Soldiers of the Oracle before they could lay eggs.

Kiki Tenya also practices voodoo and has visions by which the tribe guides future actions. For example, she foresees a war between her people and the pirates and believes it will lead to great devastation among her people. She seeks the help of the Son of Steelbeard in dissuading Hirutu from going to battle against them.

The guardian of the Sacred Valley, preventing those unworthy from entering it, is Baraka. He is a great warrior (perhaps the greatest of the tribe) who can tell when someone lies. He will only allow the Son of Steelbeard through the gate once he has proven himself wise by obtaining Ancient Knowledge (i.e., reached Chapter 3 of the game).