Shipwrecked pirates on a southeastern Kila beach.
Location Details
Type Island
Faction Voodoo Pirates
Level n/a
Location Southern Seas
Inhabitants Kila natives, stranded pirates
Settlements Kila village, pirate shipwreck
Geographic Orientation
Kila Highlight

Kila is the name of an island in the Southern Seas. It is the location of a tribe (also called the Kila) and is where a small group of pirates shipwrecked, including Patty, the half-sister of the Son of Steelbeard.


Risen 3 Edit

Prior to Risen 3: Titan Lords, the island of Kila is not mentioned. The island is infested with spiders as well as other tough beasts such as panthers and golemns. Typical shadow beings (skeletons, minions, ghouls, and Shadow Guardians) are also scattered about. Even a Soul Eater (in human form called Cole) and the Shadow Lord of Discord have come to the island.

Some events important to the primary plot of the game take place here. Cole reveals that it is the intention of the Shadows (and thus Nekroloth) to kill the Son of Steelbeard specifically. The ancient spider Morgoloth and the voodoo witch Chani are both important NPCs in the quest of the Son of Steelbeard to regain his soul. Chani is also instrumental in the quest to gain pirate allies (from Jake[1]) to help defeat the ghostly Captain Crow who sails the Southern Seas.

Additionally, some of the crew the Son of Steelbeard can have aboard his ship can be found here. Patty (initially located north up the beach a ways from the shipwrecked pirates) and Saddec (at the pirates' camp) will both join the crew once he has acquired his own ship (not the sloop he has early on in the game).

  A local map of the island.

Beyond these quests, most other quests involve establishing peaceful relations between the shipwrecked pirates and the Kila natives. These are not necessary unless the Son of Steelbeard is trying to join the Voodoo Pirate faction in order to take command of the ship Jake is on, rather than obtaining another ship elsewhere.

Quests Edit

References Edit

  1. Risen 3, in a conversation with Jake.

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