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Never start a sentence with a conjunction

— Kaan

Kaan is a character appearing in Risen 2: Dark Waters.

Location Edit

Kaan can be found in front of his home cave in the Gnomes' Village, on the Isle of Thieves.

Background Edit

Kaan is the leader of the gnomes residing on the Isle of Thieves. He is found in front of his cave at the highest point of the Gnomes' Village. When the hero speaks with him, he will prove himself a master of the human language, correcting the Nameless Hero on a number of occasions throughout the conversation. It is revealed that he learned the language in his younger days when he used to travel with humans.

Interactions Edit

He offers the quest The Gnome Eater in which the hero must go to the nearby eastern plateau and slay the mysterious beast that has been terrorizing the gnome population. After the completion of the quest, Kaan will reward the player with a legendary item, the Flask, which will award an additional 200 Glory.

He can be pickpocketed with a Thievery skill of 100 to gain 500 Gold and 100 Glory.

Loot Edit