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The Hungry wolves on Faranga are similar in appearance to real-world wolves.

Because much of the natural prey animals of the islands have fallen victim to the gluttonous creatures of the underworld, packs of hungry wolves roam the woods, searching for food.

Encounters Edit

These are the first wolf types you will encounter on Faranga.

Tactics Edit

The Hungry wolves are the weakest of the wolves with a much weaker attack. These wolves generally tend you attack you once and very rarely do they back off. As soon as they have stopped attacking, attack them three times and then block again if needed. They will rarely dodge so if the player blocks the attacks before launching the own attack, the Hungry wolves should be easily dispatched.

They tend to attack on their own or in small groups, use narrow spaces to keep them in front of you.

Rewards Edit

  • Will have Teeth on their corpse.
  • With the Gut animals skill yields a Wolfskin as well.
  • Ups experience by 50 XP on death.

See also Edit

There are several other types of wolves, see:

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