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Likely the first fish the Castaway acquires on Faranga is the consumable herring. It is caught off the shores of the island by fishermen and sold by merchants, although the supply seems to have diminished somewhat since the arrival of the Titans and the subsequent isolation of Harbour City.

Fried herring is one of a limited number of items (including Novice's Stew, Shark Steak, and Mint) that adds to the character's total in both health and mana when consumed. It adds 5 to each, never exceeding the maximum level available to him for either statistic.

Cooking Ingredient Edit

Herring can be used to make Fish Soup, which will more than double its effectiveness.

Acquisition Edit

Raw herring can be found on the bodies of those who died in the shipwreck on Faranga, and in chests or cupboards across the island. It is only available for purchase at one location, either from Philus (who owns the fish shop when the Castaway first arrives in Harbour City) or from Nico (if he buys the shop later). Fried herring is obtained by visiting a campfire or stove while raw herring is in your inventory.

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