Quest Edit

Brogar wants you to find Dorgan, one of his missing hunters.

Location Edit

Brogar is in the middle of the camp near his hut, or asleep inside. You can find Dorgan at the cave in the south-east end of the swamp. You must fight 4-6 moths to get to his body and loot a list from him to complete the quest.

Reward Edit

  • 250 Experience upon quest completion
  • other items from Dorgan's corpse - including one golden sword fragment from the quest Golden fragments.
  • 50 Experience if you show the list to Rachel before showing it to Brogar.
  • 50 Experience when you tell Brogar that you found Dorgan.

Notes Edit

If you are having trouble with the moths in the cave, pull them to the entrance and position yourself at the very entrance so you can fight them one at a time.

Completion of the quest opens up the quest Dorgan's list.

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