This Quest is started by speaking to Oscar within the Don's camp.

Give Oscar the Golden fragments so that he can restore the sword.

Should you decide not to return the sword to Oscar and Domingo is dead, you will never be able to talk to Oscar again.

Some players found that on the PC, you can actually Pickpocket from him, then ask the Golden Sword for 200 Gold Coins.

Then you will have two Golden Swords. Give one of the Golden Swords and keep the other one for your use.

Anyway, it is a good sword. It requires 30 Strength to hold it and deals 30 base damage.

Location Oscar is found in the middle of the camp, at the smithy.

Reward Edit

  • 200 Experience
  • 50 gold coins

Notes Edit

This quest is required to be finished for the quest An audience with Don Esteban.

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