Goblins are aggressive creatures, roughly half the height of humans. They can be found in various locations and


almost always carry very little personally in the way of possessions, such as a few coin, a bullet, or a fork. In goblin camps or dens (when they establish themselves in caves), chests are sometimes found protecting items of somewhat greater value. It is very common for goblins to be found in the same locations as gnomes, although they are curiously absent from Risen 2: Dark Waters, while gnomes are found in all three games.

Social Structure Edit

An extremely limited hierarchy exists among goblins. Generally all members of a goblin group are roughly the same as each other, although they may equip themselves differently (carrying a pistol over a short sword, for example). They are sometimes given different labels (mine goblin, looting goblin, dishonourable goblin), but they are basically all the same for all intents and purposes.
Risen3-Goblin King
In Risen 3: Titan Lords, the "Goblin Invasion" quest on the Isle of Thieves introduces a Goblin King who gives direction and something of unity among them. There is no goblin leadership apparent at any other location where they are found in the game, however (Taranis and Tacarigua). The game hints that the goblins have arrived in the South Seas as a result of the events of the game, but little details is given beyond this.