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The Gnomes' Village is a location found on the Isle of Thieves in Risen 2: Dark Waters.


The Village is a small settlement located in the center of the Isle of Thieves, inhabited by Gnomes. It contains a few small caves that the gnomes use as dwellings. They refer to these dwellings as 'casa cava' . Recently the village has been threatened by a mysterious beast which comes at night and kidnaps the defenseless gnomes.

The leader of the Gnomes is Kaan, the wisest and most respected gnome on the island. He asks the Nameless Hero to solve the village's monster problem.

The village also has a trader, Ulvi, which will exchange items with the hero once the quest The Lost Gnome has been completed.

It is revealed that the Village is decorated and brightly colored because the gnomes are preparing for the summer solstice.




Notes Edit

  • Arriving here for the first time after the encounter with Jaffar will complete the quest: Gnomes' Village Found, awarding 50 Glory
  • It is one of the two fast-travelling locations on the Isle of Thieves, the other being the Port.
  • The Village contains the 5x Vines needed for the quest Build a Raft. One each is found in the gnomes' gardens.