Howkins has been trying to motivate his workers, but he simply can't. So he asks you to help him get them back to work.

Dwight: He hangs out around the fire at the top of the camp. He simply needs to know your the one who tells him what to do. so tell him just that, and he will get back to work.

Branon: He refuses to work while the disgusting insects are at the excavation site. You must kill the bugs, then tell him there gone and he will go back to work. Make sure to tell Ricardo that you killed the bugs to get more gold.

Enrico: He tells you there a spirit that talks to him and the wont go back. Tell Dwight about this, he will tell you to trick Enrico. Now in the chest in the middle excavation site (you will need to dig it up) there is a useless amulet give it to Enrico and he will believe it helps him and go back to work for a grater cause.

after all of this report back to Howkins, he will pay you, and offer workers clothes for 500 gold.

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