Docks of the port city on Gaurus.
Location Details
Type Island
Level Unknown
Location Southern Seas
Inhabitants Humans
Geographic Orientation

Lying east of the main archipelago in the Southern Seas is the island Gaurus. At one time it was home to the Nameless Hero, so clearly it was inhabited. It also had at least one port city, from which the Nameless Hero took an Inquisition ship heading for Faranga.

History Edit

After the disaster of the Dark Wave, the Inquisition seized control of both Gaurus and Faranga. It is possible the island had already been under the rule of The King, given that it was not far from the Old Empire and how quickly the Inquisition took over.

Risen Edit

Shortly after the arrival of Inquisitor Mendoza, news of the ruins on Faranga arrived. The Nameless Hero soon left to examine them.