This quest is given to you by Carasco a warrior of the order guarding the warehouse (south east of the tavern in the harbour).

Once you get the quest talk to Dytar about the golden bowl and he will offer to sell it to you for 150 gold, either buy it or pickpocket him. If your character says it is too risky to pickpocket him it means you need a higher level of pickpocket.

The next bowl is in the possession of Dirk and he can be found at the gutters tavern (south east of Flavio or if you prefer directly behind the fishmongers). As with Dytar he will offer to sell the golden bowl for 150 gold and again either buy it or pickpocket him.

The third bowl should be in the possession of the third brother Olf but on meeting him to discover that he hid it just before the order captured him. Olf is a prisoner of the order and can be found in the Don's house, to be able to meet him you will have to either sneak in through the upstairs window (see the family heirloom quest for sneak details) or convince Hernandez guarding the door that you can make him talk. Go upstairs and talk to Olf and he will offer to sell you information on the whereabouts of the bowl for 200 gold. Pay him and then go to the lighthouse in the harbour. Enter the lighthouse (1st floor), look behind the barrel for a telekinesis scroll, look up and you will notice the bowl, use the scroll, activate the bowl and then pickup the bowl. Another method is to jump on top of the boxes stacked in the corner, then pull yourself to the top of the beam. You can activate the bowl while standing on the beam. Go back and talk to Carasco if you decide to follow the order or talk to Scordo if you decide to follow the Don.

  • Note: You do not have to talk to Olf as the bowl will still in the lighthouse regardless of whether talk to him or not.

Whichever path you choose talk to Hernadez again and he will release Olf. Now that Olf is free you can start the A gathering of triplets quest or continue it depending on if you started it before or not.