This commands let you to modify any attribute of characters. After typing

edit [character code]

will appear Property Editor — window with list of all attributes and their values. Properties are divided into 3 groups and assigned to character by reference in Main list: Property Sets, World and Local. Each character in the game (player, NPCs, monsters) has the same set of attributes. To edit player character type

edit PC_Hero

Useful tricks Edit

  1. Get more money for sold goods. If you want to trade with Oscar, type 'edit Oscar'. Go to PropertySets/Dialog and change value of SaleModifier. Default is equals to 0.2 what means that you receive 1/5 the money than item value.
  2. Change opponent attributes. Want to make characters easier or harder to kill? Type e.g.'edit Gnome', go to PropertySets/Skills and modify what you want. Default value of MAXHP for gnome is 150. What would happen if somebody would add a zero? Hmm...

Main list Edit

Property Example value Description
PropertySets PropertySets[18] array index of specific Property Set
Name PC_Hero
World Pos: -239 753m; 85 4632m; 352 498m; Rot: 68 0381^\circ; -0^\circ; 0^\circ; Scale: 100%; 100%; 100%; World position
Local Pos: -239 753m; 85 4632m; 352 498m; Rot: 68 0381^\circ; -0^\circ; 0^\circ; Scale: 100%; 100%; 100%; Local position
Enabled True
Enabled True
EnablePicking True
EnableCollision True
AlphaValue 1
Locked False
InsertType Floor
Template PC_Hero
ViewRange 40m
CacheInRange 0m
ForceOutdoor False
SaveGameRevelant True
Frozen False
Burned False
Highlighted False
IgnoreProcessingRange False
ID {c061a561-a862-4092-9d2d-2e55c18627ed}


Property Example value Description
Navigation gCNavigation_PS
DynamicCollisionCircle gCDynamicCollisionCircle_PS
RigidBody eCRigidBody_PS
CollisionShape eCCollisionShape_PS
CharacterMovement gCCharacterMovement_PS
Inventory gCInventory_PS
ScriptRoutine gCScriptRoutine_PS
Interaction gCInteraction_PS
Damage gCDamage_PS
Dialog gCDialog_PS
Illuminated eCIlluminated_PS
Party gCParty_PS
Effect gCEffect_PS
Animation eCAnimation_PS
Skills gCSkills_PS
CombatSystem gCCombatSystem_PS
MapInfo gCMapInfo_PS












Example values for 'Fincher'.

Property Example value Description
SaleModifier 0.2
PurchaseModifier 1
TradeEnabled Falsev
TeachEnabled True
TeachSkills Array[3] number of skills that character could teach hero
PartyEnabled False
MobEnabled False
SlaveryEnabled False

'Dialog' contains array 'TeachSkills' - each element has a number ID (from 1) and value 'gCSkillRange'. Table below presents example entries from PropertySets/Dialog/TeachSkills.

Entry #1
Property Example value
MinValue 0
MaxValue 100
Skill gESkill_Stat_STR

Entry #2
Property Example value
MinValue 0
MaxValue 10
Skill gESkill_Combat_Sword

Entry #3
Property Example value
MinValue 0
MaxValue 7
Skill gESkill_Combat_CrossBow






Example values for character 'Gnome'.

Property Example value Max value Description
HP 150 9999 current Hit Points, often this value for monsters = 0
MP 0 9999 current Mana Points
LV 5 999 experience level
XP 0 250250000 experience points
LP 0 9999 learning points
MAXHP 150 9999 max Hit Points
MAXMP 0 9999 max Mana Points
STR 25 200 strength
DEX 25 200 dexterity
INT 0 200 wisdom
ProtEdge 20 9999 blade protection
ProtBlunt 20 9999 blunt protection
ProtPoint 20 9999 piercing protection
ProtFire 20 9999 fire protection
ProtIce 20 9999 ice protection
ProtMagic 20 9999 magic protection
CombatSword 1 10 sword fighting
CombatAxe 0 10 axe fighting
CombatStaff 0 10 staff fighting
CombatBow 0 10 archery
CombatCrossBow 0 10 crossbow
MagicMissile 0 10 magic bullet
MagicFireball 0 10 fireball
MagicFrost 0 10 frost
MagicCircle 0 3 seal
Smith 0 3 smithing
Mining 0 1 prospect ore
Lockpick 0 3 open locks
Pickpocket 0 3 pickpocket
Sneak 0 1 sneak
Acrobat 0 1 acrobatics
Alchemy 0 3 alchemy
Scribe 0 3 create scrolls
Trophy 0 1 gut animals




Parameter sets for World and Local are the same. World is position on the World Map, Local on the Region Map.

Property Example value Description
Pos -239 753m; 85 4632m; 352 498m
Rot 68 0381^\circ; -0^\circ; 0^\circ
Scale 100%; 100%; 100%

Property Example value Description
X -239 753m
Y 85 4632m
Z 352 498m

Property Example value Description
Yaw 68 0381^\circ
Pitch -0^\circ
Roll 0^\circ

Property Example value Description
X 100%
Y 100%
Z 100%


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