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Doyle is simply lazy and sleeps in Costa's hotel room 24/7 in Harbour Town.

Doyle is behind the burglaries in Harbour Town.

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Quest choices Edit

When you get details to find the Burglar in Harbour town after you instigate others you end up with Doyle being the burglar. When you get to Doyle he will offer to leave town as long as you help him:

  • You can either help him.
  • You can turn him in to the Monastery.
  • You can kill him.
  • You can turn him in to the Don (Cid).

If you decide to turn him in, he will attack you before you get a chance to leave the hotel room, when you successfully knock him out / kill him you will have completed the quest and all you need to do now is report to the Warriors of the Order or Cid depending on what faction you chose to go along with.

If you decide to spare Doyle, he leaves Harbor Town.

He ends up living above the waterfall next to Rhobard's Brugleweed farm. The only way to get to him seems to be using Levataion from a ledge with a broken bridge to the left of the waterfall. To get there, walk up the ramp behind the guard(s) guarding the farm. When you get to the top, you may have to fight some Stingrats. Fight or avoid the Ogre. If you look right you'll see a temple entrance. You want to go left. Then climb up the low ledge on the left a bit down the road. Then climb the low ledge just to the left after the first one. Then just follow the path to the left. There will be some wolves up here. The ledge with the broken bridge will be near a broken barrel.

There is a chest inside the tent he lives in. There is a Levataion Rune and scroll, among other items inside the chest.

There is also quite a few plants in the area as well. Most notably, a Hero's Crown and an Ogreroot.

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