This quest is offered by Marek at the end of the pier past the boat. He said that if you wanted to see the VIP inside (Romanov) you need to have his key.

Ensure one of Sonya's girls visits Marek. Then he'll allow contact with Romanov.


Find SonyaEdit

Speak with Sonya in her brothel, pay her 50 Gold coins for Anika's service

Talk to AnikaEdit

Speak to Anika, she is near the warehouse of the Harbour, near Carasco

Return to MarekEdit

Talk to him, and he will give you the cell key. He and Anika will stay at the back of the house.


Marek's key, a little experience, get access to the cell.

Conditions for failureEdit

As there are also two another ways to take his cell key, these two ways will make this quest fail but it also completes the Quest "Marek's key"

The two ways:

  1. Defeat him, or even kill him (Spoiler warning)
  2. Pickpocket him

Quests involvedEdit

Marek's key

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