Dark Wave
The devastation that released the Titans
Part of The Age of Gods
(before Risen)
Occurs: end of the age
Region: Lost Realm
Location: Old Empire
  • Banishment of the gods
  • Release of most non-Arborean titans
the Old Gods
Mages-Flag Icon Rebellious mage(s)
Titans-Symbol Icon Titans (indirectly)
Commanders and Leaders
Unknown Unknown mage
Forces Involved
Deific pantheon Crystal mages
All deities (banishment) Humans (attrition)

The Dark Wave is an event predating the events of the first Risen game, establishing the end of the Age of Gods.

History Edit

World Creation Edit

The titan lords were endowed with special power, masters over the elements. Because of their abilities, they were called upon by the gods to assist in the creation of the world. For a reason lost to history — possibly greed, given their dispositions — when the titan lords finished, they turned on each other.

Their battles were fierce, devastating the earth. The destruction on the face of the world angered the gods, who banished the titans to the depths of the earth and seas. They were sentenced to remain imprisoned until the end of time.[1]

Consequences Edit

These events were so far in the past that nearly no one knew of the titans' existence. For as long as any can remember, humanity served as slaves to the gods, who controlled and ruled over everything.[2]

For centuries, man generally worshiped the gods, seeking their guidance and protection. For a while, the Crystal Mages were among those. They sought the welfare of all living things and believed in the good of man. Over time, however, they decided that mankind would not always choose the good or right; it became up to the mages to force men onto the path of happiness. They stopped concerning themselves with topics such as faith, spirits, or the Underworld, choosing pragmatism over religion.[3]

An unknown mage, most likely without permission from any others, managed enough power to create the dark wave. This banished the gods from the world, but ironically it also released another great force from their prisons. With titans again roaming the earth, destruction was imminent.

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