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Crystal magic is one of several types of magic employed in the world of Risen. It is based on magical crystals, either gathered from various locations around the world or powered by extraordinary magical forces nearby.


History Edit

Crystal magic was employed by the Crystal Mages long before the Dark Wave. Several orders were established at various locations in the Old Empire. Although guided by the same basic understanding and principles of crystal mages, each order was autonomous and often established somewhat differing perspectives. This is made clear by the cause of the Dark Wave, actions with which mages of other orders tend to disagree.

Risen Edit

By the beginning of the game Risen, an order of crystal mages (known as the Order of the Holy Flame) had been established on the isle of Faranga. Although they practiced the same, known spells other orders had, they managed to pull their power not from crystals they gathered from various locations, but rather from the fire titan lord within the volcano itself. (Admittedly, very few realized this was the actual source of their power.)

Risen 3 Edit

After the fall of the fire titan lord and destruction of Faranga at the end of Risen, a new order was set up on the island of Taranis. Like most orders, they collected crystals with magical properties from various locations and employed them both for personal spells. Mages on Taranis also used their crystals for the great shield protecting their island.

Training and Spells Edit

Trainers Edit

There are several capable of training a disciple in the ways of crystal magic. As is typical, skill and/or attribute prerequisites must be met for advancement within the discipline. Note that some spells have a cost in magic crystals at the time they are learned, and later casting costs nothing; others have no initial cost, but they require mana each time they are cast.

  Spell Name Cost
MagicalTraining icon or CastingSpell icon
Prerequisite* Game Trainer(s)
CrystalTorch icon Crystal Torch 15 MagicCrystals icon Risen3-small   Nergal
HailOfShards icon Hail of Shards 30 MagicCrystals icon   Complete the Waterproof quest Risen3-small   Mauricio
R3-HealingSpell icon Healing 25 MagicCrystals icon Risen3-small   Nergal
RainOfFire icon Rain of Fire 55 MagicCrystals icon Risen3-small   Erasmus
RustSpell icon Rust 15 (5) MagicCrystals icon   Complete the Easy Prey quest Risen3-small   Wells
WaveOfEnergy icon Wave of Energy 45 MagicCrystals icon   Complete the Crystals in the Shadows quest Risen3-small   Erasmus

*You cannot acquire any training, however, until you have joined the mages' faction.
Wells' default cost is 15, but if you threaten him, you can get the spell for only 5. (Technically, you can pickpocket the spell from his as well and pay nothing.)

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