Crystal Fortress
City burning
Burning lands of Caldera, seen from the Crystal Fortress.
Location Details
Type Port city, Inquisition stronghold
Level N/A
Location Caldera
Inhabitants Inquisition citizens
Geographic Orientation

In Caldera, at the southwestern tip of the northern continent, lay the port city of Crystal Fortress. It was here that many prominent citizens of the Old Empire made their lives and their fortunes. At the harbor of the city, the Inquisition also established a fortress, likely contributing to the city's name.


Risen 2 Edit

After the events of Risen, the northern continent is all but lost. The majority of the Inquisition's citizens and military have retreated to islands of the Southern Seas or the southern continent of Arborea. The Crystal Fortress was the final settlement on the northern continent, the seat of not only an Inquisition stronghold under the command of Commandant Carlos, but also where the Empire's leadership council met to vote on policy and military actions.

The Nameless Hero begins his primary mission of Risen 2 here, revisiting the city a couple of times as the plot progresses. The safety of the city is uncertain, though; fires rage in the background behind the city, probably within a few miles, and Carlos states that the region is only safe for as long as Lord Ursegor and Ismael continue fighting each other.

Risen 3 Edit

By the time of Risen 3, it is unclear whether the fortress or city still stand. There is no mention of the Crystal Fortress in the game, and Carlos has moved to Fog Island. Given the continuing threat of the titans and the closeness of danger to the city in Risen 2, it is likely the city has fallen and any surviving Inquisition citizens or military have followed others to the south.

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