This quest is started by speaking to Weasel after completing the quest Walter needs a break.


Talk to Alvaro and find out about his weaknesses then use them against him.


  • Speak to Konrad and ask him about jobs.
  • Talk to Tilda about Konrad (outside Konrad's shop)
  • Return to Weasel
  • Travel to the Gutter's East gate and attack Berta the cow. (Easier at night as the closest guard is asleep) The farmer will attack you. Defeat them and loot the cows head from Berta.
  • Return to Konrad's shop at night and climb onto the room from the back. Drop down onto the balcony and place the head onto the bed.
  • Talk to Weasel, he will tell you to wait till morning. In the morning use a Joke spell on Konrad and talk to him.


  • 150 Exp
  • 250 Gold
  • Return to Weasel for another 50 XP